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Jeremy Deller & Steve McQueen: Interpreting Recent British Political History

During the 2000s, art has re-emerged as a practice with social and political functions marking an end to the sensationalist art of the YBAs in the previous decade.  Art throughout the nineties was dominated by shock tactics and cynicism and was devoid of any political or social meaning, functioning merely as witty responses to the … Continue reading


Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas & Rachael Whiteread: Did feminism feature as a part of Young British Art?

‘The woman of genius does not exist, but when she does she is a man.’1 In the early years of the contemporary Women’s Liberation Movement, feminist art theorists investigated the historical practices that determined the current situation of women artists and the correlation between the value system of art institutions and the sexual division that … Continue reading


Georgia O’Keefe: The impact of criticism on her work & contemporary art world status

The myth of femininity Georgia O’Keefe’s art has always been regarded as distinctively female, from the Stieglitz circle  exhibitions in the 1920’s until our time. The connotations of the essentialist female discourse that has been attributed to her have evolved through the years, shifting from a male centred discourse promoted by Alfred Stieglitz in the … Continue reading